SUM vs. SUBTOTAL Functions

Unlike the SUBTOTAL function, the SUM function is one of the most popular functions in spreadsheet workflow. This popularity is because we often add values in our dataset. However, it falls short in some situations because there is a more efficient way to do things. That’s where SUBTOTAL comes in. In this article, we will look at different situations… Continue reading SUM vs. SUBTOTAL Functions

How Dates and Times Work

When doing any data processing work, it’s almost inevitable that you will at some point encounter a dataset that contains dates, times, or both. Most spreadsheet programs behave similarly as far as dates & times are concerned, but what of Do you need to be aware of any nuances? Well, let’s find out! You… Continue reading How Dates and Times Work

Dropdown Lists in your Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet creators may want to use a dropdown list to limit the choice of values in a spreadsheet cell. You could do this to reduce typos or help the user narrow down their options. Historically, you had to do this through a cumbersome process called data validation. Data validation is when the spreadsheet creator applies… Continue reading Dropdown Lists in your Spreadsheet

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