SUM Function

The SUM function is one of the most utilized functions in spreadsheets. The syntax is easy to remember and works the same across most spreadsheet programs. In this article, we are going to explore its usage in Feel free to make a copy of the 🔗template with these examples to follow along. 🔒Templates with… Continue reading SUM Function

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SUBTOTAL is a little-known function in spreadsheet programs. Despite its robustness, it is far less prevalent than functions such as SUM and AVERAGE. Let’s look at what you can do with this function in using this template to follow along. Purpose SUBTOTAL returns an aggregate result for a range of cells based on the… Continue reading SUBTOTAL Function


What is the AVERAGEA function? Well, it’s similar to AVERAGE, but it offers additional functionality. At the fundamental level, where all the values in the range defined are numeric, it behaves exactly like the AVERAGE function. Things get a little bit more exciting when the specified range contains an assortment of data types. Get your… Continue reading AVERAGEA Function

AVERAGE Function uses the AVERAGE function to calculate the mean of a set of values. Get your own copy of the 🔗template used in this tutorial to follow along. Purpose The AVERAGE function returns the average value of a series of numbers, cells, or both. Syntax =AVERAGE (value1, value2, …) or =AVERAGE ([cell/range]) value1 – The first… Continue reading AVERAGE Function


Indent and Outdent Row Buttons

In a typical spreadsheet, there is no need for the PARENTCELL function. However, parent-child relationships can be created in using the Indent rows and Outdent rows buttons on the toolbar. When you indent a row, it becomes a child of the row above it. As shown below, a + icon appears in the primary… Continue reading PARENTCELL Function

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